From the Canvas to the Screen: Being an Artist

You can master how colors combine, a whole lot of techniques, learn the masterfully created pieces of art, but without the desire to create, a true artist will not take place. He should be distinguished by a special perception of reality, the ability to draw inspiration from the world around him in order to translate flashes of thought and shades of feelings into works of art.

The modern artist is armed with a huge number of means of expression. In addition to classic canvas and paints, clay, marble or metal, these are plastic and glass, photo-video and computer equipment.

There are stereotypes about poverty and lack of demand for artists. However, dedication and talent can make their way. Anything is possible – to get recognition, to open your own exhibition, an art gallery. Of course, with constant self-development and openness to the world.

Who is an artist and what does he do?

The profession of an artist is divided into many narrow specializations depending on the materials of creation, the style of the work or the field of application of the final product. But each of the directions, in addition to mastering the peculiarities of technology, requires the main thing – the ability to draw.

The premises are occupied by the designers, the illustrators are working on the printed materials , and the decorators are working on the background of the productions. The painter paints from life, the restorer returns the original appearance to the works of art.

To be successful in the profession, to achieve a certain level of skill and recognition, you need to develop the necessary qualities and master the theory of the genre. What abilities and knowledge should a professional artist have?

  • Well-developed imagination.
  • Visual memory.
  • Self-organization and high efficiency.
  • Constant self-improvement, talent honing.
  • Knowledge of art history, terminology, materials.
  • Possession of various techniques of creativity.
  • Ability and desire to show and reveal your creativity to people.

How much do artists make?

Like any other profession out there, how much an artist can get depends on their location, region and place of work. Nevertheless, it is possible to distinguish the average level of the artist’s salary. An illustrator at a rate can count on an amount from 15 to 70 thousand a month, a designer – up to 40 thousand. Free artists can earn royalties on their pieces of work, but they can spend years looking for their connoisseurs.

How to become an artist?

You can get the profession of an artist in higher educational institutions with a specialization in arts and crafts, visual arts, theatrical and decorative arts, technology and design. There are also rarer specializations. Recognized professionals will help you hone your skills, and listening to music can help with that too, and by using converters you can Convert Youtube video to mp4 or mp3 so you can get references offline or some tunes to listen to.