5 Money-Saving Tips for Printing at Home

Printing at Home


Do you need to print regularly? Then that can run into the costs after a while. Especially when the cartridges are empty, you are again confronted with the fact of how expensive printing actually is. That is why in this article we give a number of tips to be able to print cheaper.

Printer for your situation

Don’t have a printer yet? Then think carefully about what you are going to use it for so that you can buy the right printer for your situation. For example, do you not have to print in photo quality? Then it is better to choose a laser printer like the Brother MFC L2710DW laser printer (get the MFC L2710DW driver here). If you do print a lot in color and the printer uses multiple cartridges, see if the printer continues to work when one of the cartridges is empty. This way you do not have to replace them immediately. Moreover, in such a case you do not have to immediately replace all the ink, but only the color that is empty. In addition, it is often the case that a cheap printer uses more expensive cartridges. Pay close attention to this when purchasing a new printer.

Choose your cartridges smartly

We’ve mentioned it before: cartridges are expensive. Therefore, look online for the cheapest cartridges that are suitable for your printer and view different brands, such as the HP 304 cartridges. This way you can save a lot of money. It is often the case that private label cartridges are cheaper. Private label cartridges are not available for all printers. Here, too, it can pay to look at this in advance.


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Refill cartridges instead of buying

You may be able to refill your cartridges instead of buying new ones. That can be a lot cheaper. Check whether that is also the case with your cartridges. There are even printers that rely entirely on that concept and no longer work with ink cartridges, but with ink tanks, which you can refill with a jar of ink.

Empty cartridges completely

Usually printers indicate long in advance that the cartridges are almost empty. That does not have to mean that you have to buy new ones right away, often you can continue printing for a long time. Is the quality of your prints getting bad? Only then is it time to buy new cartridges.

Print in black and white

Often cartridges with colored ink are more expensive than cartridges with black ink. Isn’t it necessary to print something in colour? Then print the document in black and white, so that no color is used and these cartridges can be used longer.