A Fame Line Sunglasses

Everyone is well aware that sunglasses protect our eyes from outside elements especially from the harmful rays of the sun. Without proper protection, it can cause both short and long term damage to the eyes. This is as per the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Thus, they are recommending individuals to buy sunglasses that will provide thorough protection from their eyes. The question left is, there are plenty of brands and styles that are available. How you would make a purchase then?

Well, the single and most important aspect that must be considered when in the market for sunglasses is its tag or sticker. It should say something like “blocks 100% of UV rays”. Unfortunately, only few bother checking whether their sunglasses have UV light protection.

Size Matters

Also, when buying sunglasses, having more coverage would be better. It is because bigger glasses mean that there’s less sun damage that will be inflicted to the eyes.

It will be preferable if you would consider purchasing wraparound-style or oversized glasses.

This can significantly help in cutting down UV lights entering your eyes from the side.

Dark’s No Good

While we can’t argue with the cool factor that dark lenses have, they provide the least coverage and protection for UV rays.