Angel Sintered Sunglasses


In today’s time, using sunglasses aren’t just intended to protect the eyes against harmful rays of the sun. Though the same idea is applied, there are now numerous variations in designs as well as build of lenses to be used for sports like cycling, swimming, running etc.

In fact, there are also glasses intentionally made for people who are working extended hours in front of a computer. The function of such glasses is to minimize the stress brought in eyes by the radiation emitted by computer monitors.

This industry has rapidly grown leading to the creation and manufacturing of different types of sunglasses for sale on the market.


This is among the most recognized and celebrated spectacles that are usually worn by pilots. It has thin metal frame with a drop shade lens. Even designed for pilots, you’ll see a lot of celebrities wearing it, pushing its popularity in the general public.


Round sunglasses’ frame design is not fixed at all. They’re available in different shapes such as:

  • Thick
  • Large
  • Skinny and;
  • Small

All of which may have a plastic or metallic finish. Its name is derived from shape of lenses used, which is round.