7 Fun Games For Graphic Designers

Graphic Designer on PC


You will find games like the unblocked games created for all kinds of attention on the internet, and graphic design is no exception. Below are just 7 online games that increase your expertise and ability in typography, with the pencil tool, and much more!

1. Kern Form

Your assignment is simple: reach readable and fine text by dispersing the space between words. Typographers telephone this action kerning. Your answer is going to be compared to some typographer’s answer, and you’ll be given a score based on how near you calibrated it. Great luck!

2. Take the Serif

Within this match, you need to shoot all the letters which are in a serif font. When all of the serif letters have been removed, you proceed to another phase. It becomes quite extreme as an increasing number of letters seem.

It’s also readily available for your own iOS.

3. The Bézier Game

Have you been mystified by the way to draw curves with the Pen Tool in layout software like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign? Perform The Bézier Game to learn the way to make the ideal curves! An article will show you just exactly what to do. It took me a few attempts just to produce the circle!


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4. Form Form

Now you have discovered how to utilize the Bezier curve, then learn it in Form Type. It tests you in your understanding of typography and its own form and form.

5. The Rather Difficult Font Game

Think you understand your own fonts? Test your expertise and font identification abilities in The Font Game. It’s also available from the Apple App shop.

Caution, this is an ambitious game. My rating was 15 from 30.

6. Form Connection — A relationship match for fonts

For all those of you (such as myself), that have difficulty pairing fonts that look good together, this can be for you! Mix and match fonts, then send them dates, and find out why they are compatible (or not).

7. Shade

Practice matching colors from the color wheel. Learn about complementary colors, analogous, triadic, and tetradic colors.