Designing a Patient-Friendly Medical Bill

With the continuous changes of the healthcare system, the settings are gearing toward an environment that is focused on consumers. Having this kind of change, healthcare providers must have to adapt to this when it comes to patient care and medical practice procedure. The new approach methodology must be based on a patient-focused set-up which design a process that caters the needs of the patients, their preferences, and attitudes as the priority of the healthcare environment.

Primarily, the key to attract patients and keep the existing ones is by providing a professionally designed, user-friendly interface that offers an excellent patient experience. In case patients are performing medical procedures with similar principles like other services, you must have to make sure that every aspect fits their expectations. An important patient aspect that is commonly ignored is the system of medical billing like those services offered at

Billing statement that is not designed properly and confusingly may reduces the satisfaction of the patient. In addition, it also contribute to the collection of unpaid balances in a hard way. A patient-friendly statement shows billing information which helps patients determine the charges and provide convenient methods of bills payment, accessing information, and get further assistance.

Ways to Design a Billing Statement that Helps to Retain Patients

The following show the importance of basics of visual design. These are also important aspects to take into account in designing a billing statement that is patient-friendly:

Consolidated charges

Generally, consolidated charges reflect all the charges in one statement. Most of the time, the patient are provided with care from various healthcare departments within the institution. The goal for this is for the patient to easily understand the breakdown of the charges and make payments easier.

Understandable presentation

Billing statement is usually presented by utilization of jargons and complex format. However, a jargon-free billing statement may make the presentation of the billing statement easily understandable.

Payment preferences

For the payments to be paid as soon as possible, remember that the balance and the payment due date must be displayed on a clear way on the payment method section.

Different payment methods are already available to make the payment easier. Options for payment includes the conventional type, payments over the phone, and online payment.