Give Your Interior A Virtual Shape With These 10 Free Online Tools

Wouldn’t it be great to test a number of ideas for your interior design before you start implementing them in your home?

You can actually plan and design your home with online tools totally free online! You don’t even need knowledge of or experience with planning software. Choose decor and type of finishing, change the layout of your room, move walls or try a new coat of paint or roof style ( You can do all this with many free programs designed to meet your home visual design needs.  Here are the best-tested design programs you can check out.

Best Design Programs To Build Your Home

1. Autodesk Homestyler: Autodesk is best known for its professional software for designing and modeling buildings. Homestyler is a very user-friendly design program that requires no training. Making floor plans is easy, there is a lot of choice in terms of doors and windows and no prior knowledge of materials is needed. You easily choose cupboards, appliances, furniture and almost any other decor item. You can even personalize your space with carpet!

2. Design a room: Do you also hate taking samples from a store to try at home? Problem solved! With this 3D program you can comfortably try out many different colors (combinations) at home for your floor, cabinets, walls, ceiling and even your countertop. Choose a certain style (timeless, traditional, global fusion), play with color, texture and finish and you will immediately see what your room will look like before you have invested just one euro. Also handy: with this tool you get information about the material you want to use.

3. Floorplanner: With this tool you can make a map of your (dream) house within minutes. Moreover, you can furnish this floor plan with the largest library of furniture and interior objects. This way you can experiment with new furniture throughout your house from per room. You can then view the map with your layout in 3D.

4. HomeByMe: A free downloadable program that lets you start in 2D and build your room from scratch. You end up with furniture and accessories. Once finished, you can view the result in 3D. This makes it easy to use, with a nice visualization afterwards.

5. Ikea Home Planner Tools: Ikea is fun to shop in, but you always ask yourself how a specific item fits into your interior. Fortunately, there is the Ikea Home Planner Tool. You configure your floor plan with it, choose the required items from the Ikea catalog and calculate the cost price. There are even specific tools for your kitchen, cupboards, desk and play corner. Ready? You can download, print and take the product list to your local Ikea!

6. Planner 5D: the most comprehensive free design program on the market. This tool lets you design rooms down to the smallest architectural details, including windows, stairs and partitions. Planner 5D is not even limited to your interior. You can also use it to virtually create your garden and swimming pool. Everything is done with beautiful 3D graphics.

7. Room Styler 3D Home Planning: This program is ideal if you want to upload and edit your own floor plan. Do you not have a floor plan? There are also many example floor plans to use! With this tool you can virtually install walls, windows and doors and try out a whole range of interior finishes. You can even paint your walls and install real appliances (fridge, lawnmower, etc.). The interface is easy to use, your design can be viewed from multiple viewing angles.

8. Sweet Home 3D: Ideal program for whom the above is not yet extensive enough. This program allows you to choose from even more adjustment options for furniture, floor plan and finishing. This makes it slightly more complex than the other programs!

9. SmartDraw: SmartDraw consists of a series of programs for visualizing and presenting a project. One part of this application is the creation of floor plans and room designs. You can work with this program at a beginner or professional level. You can use it to design office spaces, apartments, individual rooms and even entire floors. The choice of furniture, materials and floor plans is almost unlimited. This program only has a free trial version and is more focused on professionals. Are you someone who can handle a computer well and you like countless details and content, then this tool is ideal for you.

10. The Home Renovator: Tool for the do-it-yourselfers among you. Once you have designed the room, you naturally want to get started as quickly as possible. With The Home Renovator, you can measure the room perfectly and view which materials (paint, plaster, tiles, etc.) you all need for your project. A report tells you exactly how much material you need for the project, which budget you need to provide and provides an illustrated manual for cutting and placing the material.