How to improve your visual design skills

Visual design refers to the way graphic design principles are used in interface design to promote clarity, consistency, and simplicity, and to create user interfaces that are simple and easy to use.  In visual design skills, it might be possible for someone to write my assignment for me.

Some basic aspects of visual design

Every design decision supports the medium

That said, if you are doing visual design work for a web app, any selection should be relative to the fact that you are working on a web app that someone is using to achieve a specific goal. Intrinsically, you have different precedence than graphic designers at times and should make decisions accordingly. Graphic designers may be looking for visual consistency related to a theme or brand, while the user interface visual designer may be looking for an interface that is easy to use and understandable.


Large parts of the user interface are made up of text. Therefore, you should understand how typography can be used to influence how users use it. What are the consequences of Verdana versus Arial? What fonts are good for mobile or small screens? Such questions are significant and a visual designer might make different decisions compared to a graphic designer.

Contrast and color

Both are designer tools. When a graphic designer might be interested in achieving a particular mood or atmosphere, a visual designer can prioritize contrasts and colors so that users can focus on essential parts of the user interface. If you know how to use contrasts, you can create readable user interfaces. Color is an essential tool for highlighting, fading out and creating a consistent balance that is easy to use but doesn’t conflict with house styles or branding guidelines.

Spaces and proportions

Like any other creative medium, user interfaces are governed by the laws of proportion and composition. Whitespace is a great way to get attention to something without using superfluous colors, symbols, etc. Know when whitespace works and how much to use. Some designers put everything together which makes it difficult to find things on the page, while others use too much.


Understanding how and when to use symbols, and having a basic understanding of how to create them, goes a long way. Even though you’re not an expert designer, you must be able to collate basic icons that communicate concepts efficiently, and you should definitely learn how to convert ideas to icon format as it only useful to know how to do this.

Finally, if you want to improve your visual design skills, it is advisable that you practice a lot.