“Hustle and Tow” – A Reality TV Show that Can Be Regarded as a Visual Art Work

towing servicesHow would a tow truck san jose driver describe his recovery vehicle if  it’s featured in the popular reality TV show “Hustle and Tow” produced by A & E to depict the wrecker industry. Presumably, he or she will describe it as an equipment used in moving mechanically disabled vehicles or in forcefully moving and transporting improperly parked or impounded vehicles.

“Hustle and Tow” provides a visual art work of taking a closer look at America’s unrecognized heroes, who carry out important work while unmindful of the extremely dangerous conditions they encounter everyday.

roadside assistanceThe episodes of this reality TV show take viewers along when tow truck drivers perform their daily journey. In San Jose drivers face difficult and perilous terrain, unexpected weather conditions and even come into contact with wildlife.

However, not everyone agrees with the perspective of hailing tow truck operators and drivers as unsung heroes. Depending on the kind of work that a towing company engages in and the services they provide, tow truck operators and drivers could also be labeled as predatory towers.

What Exactly is Predatory Towing

A reputable towing company, just like C & S Towing, is one who operates with integrity by following to the letter, the federal and state towing laws. Yet it’s unfortunate that it isn’t always the case because there are towing service providers who use unethical or even illegal practices as means of increasing their profits.

Know the Art of Protecting One’s Self from Predatory Wreckers

The popularity of “Hustle and Tow” can also be attributed to its visual presentation of how motorists should protect themselves against predatory towers.

Know Both Federal and Local Laws

The first important thing to learn as protection against predatory towing are the federal laws and local ordinances pertaining to towing actions. That way, you don’t get into tight situations that could get your car hooked, towed and impounded.

Choose Your Towing Service Provider Wisely

If you are regularly on the road, it would be best to communicate with a towing company that maintains a website. Like C & S Towing, its website furnishes comprehensive information about the services it provides, specifically including roadside assistance. It denotes that it commits to helping you get back on the road including bringing you to a reputable repair shop.

When needing to park in an unfamiliar location. it would be best to make sure you’ve read all signages usua;;y placed at the entrance and exits of a lot. The law requires No Parking signs to be conspicuously posted in those spots, while some towing companies provide towing services to owners of private properties they make it a point to post clear parking restriction signs in conspicuous places.

Avoid a “Johnny on the Spot” Who Represent Predatory Towers

lt If in case your vehicle gets immobilized as a result of a vehicular accident do not accept offers of towing services from someone not connected with your insurance or wrecking service provider. Predatory towing companies place a “Johnny on the Spot “ person in accident-prone areas. That way they can become one of the first responders on the scene, albeit predatory in nature.