Newest Design of the Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson vacuum cleaner comes out with a state-of-the-art bagless technology and cutting edge design which is an example of graphic design fundamentals. This is a cordless type vacuum cleaner that recreate the method of house cleaning. However, aside from this, there are other types of vacuum cleaner from Dyson. These types range from an upright type, the handheld, to cylinder vacuum cleaner model.

With all these, the cordless type is the best type and most popular among the others as of today. Under this type, the Dyson V11 Absolute is the best one by far. Being a powerful model of the cordless type, Dyson V11 contains an auto-cleaning set-up that is adjustable to the level of its absorption into the floor. In addition it also has a digital countdown for its battery life.

Dyson publicized in 2018 that the company would layoff from creating corded type of vacuum cleaners, rather they will give emphasis on their cordless and handheld units.

The Dyson V11 Absolute

This is the most updated type of cordless stick vacuum cleaner from Dyson. It generally weighs about 2.97 kg and has a size of 0.76 L. Its Dyson air watts have power of around 185AW. This kind of cordless vacuum cleaner is best to use for any types of surface and stairs.

Futuristic design

Dyson V11 has a stiff nylon bristle in combination with a motorised head that is responsible for its powerful suction and deep cleaning property. It contains three cleaning modes which change the speed motor immediately. This feature allows you to clean through rooms freely and smoothly without altering the floor head.

Moreover, it has an LCD display that is very handy which provide all the necessary information. Data display on the LCD includes the remaining time, reminders about the filter maintenance, and reports on possible blockages. Other parts included are the torque floor head, a soft dusting brush, a miniature tool, a combination tool, and an additional soft roller brush head for floor.

High-end features

  • Able to clean most type of floor surfaces
  • Two times the absorption power of other Dyson type
  • Extremely portable
  • Small capacity on highly large spaces