Rules of Graphic Composition and Gutter Layout

Everyone knows that in order to get better at an art form, one must first understand the tools and processes. In graphic design, it’s no different than playing an instrument or cooking. If the elements of graphic design are the ingredients in front of you and the design principles are the recipe, then imagine the layout and composition as a ready-made plate in front.

The grid for gutter graphic design

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Grids not only organize the design, but also the process behind it. Let’s say you want to design a poster for your Gutter cleaning service gold coast. Create a good grid, and even if the dates, images, colour and times change, your basic design will still feel familiar. Design grids are also a good guide when working in a team. Every designer knows the liberating feeling of opening up someone else’s design and seeing how it follows a clear grid.

Gutter graphic design: Highlighting and scaling

The eye basically needs a place to hold on to or something interesting to hold on to. Otherwise, people will look at your design and be quick to let go of it.

Finding the centre of your design will provide your eye with the necessary guidance to structure the composition and create a hierarchy.

Gutter graphic design: Balance

Isn’t everything in life a search for balance? Design is no different. Designers have to juggle different elements to create harmony in their designs. Imagine a number of invisible scales in each design, and make sure the scales don’t tip in one direction because you put too many elements on one side of your grid.

Remember that white space is also an element in a composition. White space gives your gaze a path along which to follow the design. Give each element on the side a little room to breathe and there will naturally be a balance between positive and negative space.

Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is inevitable in design. It’s a basic guideline that’s so simple and effective that it often feels like cheating. Photos are the clearest example.

Gutter graphic design: Rule of Odds

The rule of odds states that a pleasant composition often contains an odd number of elements in the foreground, usually three.