Tattoo Art – Symbolic Meaning of Roses

Body art or known as tattoo art is truly part of the arts. Photographing tattoo art could be a great piece that you can exhibit.

In the field of body art, roses are popular in both male and female body art designs. It symbolizes love, life, and death – all elements of nature. The rose alone is very delicate, but in the summer it can withstand the sun and drought, resist floods, sleep in the cold winter, reborn in the spring, and be as radiant as ever.

Symbolic Expression of Color

  • Crimson – representing the beauty of the subconscious
  • Common Red – symbolic color of love, beauty, chastity, respect and all things romantic
  • Coral- This color indicates hidden desire laying dormant within
  • Coral – this color reveals the hidden desire within.
  • Blue- this color considered rare among roses, and so this symbolizes unfeasibility
  • White – represents purity, youthfulness, respect and will frequently commemorate kids and genuine of heart
  • Yellow – symbolizes success and companionship
  • Black – describes a loss of life, sorrow and despair of loss

The body art design of the flower is very popular because of its diversity. Lotus is one more favorite among the flower designs, but roses are still the most popular. Its barbary thorns remind us of the trials and tribulations of life. Genuine beauty has to conquer difficulty to climb all the way to the surface.

Rose tattoos can start with a simple bud and regenerate or show a new starting point in life and increase as it grows and develops. The idea can stand for a family, add buds to represent each member, and finally evolve the image to a bouquet that can stand for unity. Every color could also stand for a date of birth. This is your choice.

Blossoms are endorsed in body art for its diversity and endless possibilities. You can almost imagine a combination of roses, butterflies, hearts and customize your tattoo.

Some add other animals, such as dragons, daggers. Symbolic representation of power such as lions and leopards. Bracelets are very popular and the wire mesh is wrapped around rosaries and tents.

A tiny rose is usually selected for body art behind the neck. Women choose this position if their profession is not suitable for body art. It is common in many industries because tattoos have not been accepted. People go for concealed spots of the body for other reasons and it could be personal.

Choosing body art is absolutely a personal choice. Others get addicted to the extent that the whole body becomes their canvas. No matter what, in reality, a tattoo is an art that can be a masterpiece in the hands of a great artist. Share your art on YouTube, boost it by buying youtube views. While it takes a while for your tattoo art video to get likes and views, you will have a place where people can see the kind of art you make.