The Perfect Eye Frame For Your Face

You don’t want to call the services of Towing San Jose just because you missed reading that your car needs some gas. Damn, eyewear! It’s just too heavy or bulky for your face that you avoid using it and just for a stupid reason, it costs you more than just missing to pump gas for your car. Go ahead and call towing services so you can get from point A to point B. There’s no use blaming your poor eyesight at the moment.

For anyone in need of eyewear, there are a few questions that you need to ask like which glasses fit my face? Your glasses should not only be a visual aid but also a fashion accessory. Even if every face is unique, there are a few basic rules.

So before you place an order online and have it delivered to your doorsteps, you ought to know which frame will suit you best.

How wide should your glasses be?

The rule of thumb is: When viewed from the front, your glasses should be about as wide as your face, i.e. they should end on the right and left above the cheekbones. Round lenses will have to be a bit smaller. Retro glasses like butterfly-style glasses are wider which makes them more fashionable and stylish. Note that the hair does not really play a role in your choice of glasses.

The eye relief: For some people, the eyes are relatively far apart, for others they are closer together. You can “harmonize” the eye relief with glasses. The following principle applies: the further the interpupillary distance, the stronger the bridge between the eyes should be. And the closer the eyes are together, the stronger the temples should be.

Which glasses frame fits which face shape?

Those who have a choice are spoiled for choice: what shape, what size, what color should your glasses frame be? Basically: It is always a question of the shape of the face, whether a frame looks harmonious or whether it falls out of the ordinary. Here’s a tip: Always choose a frame that contrasts with the shape of your face. This creates a harmonious overall picture.

Glasses for a square face
In order to make the hard contours of an angular face appear a little softer, it is advisable to choose frames with round or oval shapes. Rimless glasses with delicate contours also go well with this face shape. They underline the distinctive face type.

Eyeglasses for an oval face shape
You pulled the grand prize! With an oval face, you have almost no problems choosing the frame. Almost every model and frame fit. With straight edges or angular shapes, the face appears stricter, more specific, and modern. Round shapes give an oval face more friendliness.

Eyeglasses for a round face
In the case of a round face, it is advisable to make the face shape appear narrower by means of a wider spectacle frame. Slightly rectangular or square frames make the round face look more pleasant, while round glass frames make the face even rounder.

Eyeglasses for a heart-shaped face
For faces with a narrow, pointed chin and high cheekbones, it is advisable to slightly cancel out the hard edges of the lower part of the face with a rather soft, curved shape of the glasses. This makes the face look friendlier.

Eyeglasses for an oval face trapezoidal face
With trapezoidal faces, the cheeks are a bit fuller and soft, and the forehead is usually quite narrow. Therefore, a horizontal anchor point should be set with the glasses. If the frame is emphasized at the top, the face looks wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Geometric glass frames that are colored on the top are therefore recommended.