Visually Enhancing Your Inground Swimming Pool Design With A Landscape Architect

Infinity Swimming Pool


The objective of this guide is to present you with a few principles which can allow you to make great choices when planning an inground swimming pool undertaking. Even though it might be the focus of a landscape, even a swimming pool is more most often only one of a number of related action areas that give rise to the general outdoor atmosphere. Inground pools have to be designed so that they fit the qualities of the website and the wider landscape.

That is why it’s ideal to use a landscape architect prior to contacting a pool contractor. The builder will learn the ideal place for your pool and also produce a landscaping notion that will place it at a totally integrated design program. Additionally, a landscape architect needs to have the ability to advocate and collaborate using a high pool building company when the layout is accepted.

We’re likely to do just two things in this guide that will assist you to prepare for the swimming pool project. To begin with, we are going to record some things to think about in regards to building and materials/finishes accessories. These can help you choose the way you choose with your pool undertaking. Second, we’re likely to exhibit three distinct inground pool designs and explain to you the way, in every circumstance, the builder maximized using lawn area and created a coherent, holistic strategy for your landscape.

Construction Techniques for Inground Swimming Pools

There are 3 basic Procedures for building the pool casing:

  • Vinyl: Vinyl is your cheapest choice. When the pool silhouette was scraped, the ground and walls are coated with a custom cut sheet of plastic that’s fastened by the pool working.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is the fastest to set up. A fiberglass pool casing is fabricated at a store, delivered to the website, and set up as one bit –typically in only a couple of days.
  • Gunite: Our favorite approach is gunite building. That’s the way all the featured pool jobs have been constructed. Gunite is a tangible substance that’s sprayed into a frame of rebar. It is super solid and will last so long as your own landscaping. Gunite may be made in almost any size or shape and enables a high level of customization for swimming pool design and setup jobs.

Choosing Materials & Finishes For The Pool

Another reason to speak with a landscape architect prior to contacting a swimming pool builder: Your architect can allow you to make decisions regarding finishes, materials, and optional features to finish the surrounding landscape to the swimming pool. Your designer can walk you through:

  • Constructed attributes (sunlight ledge, steps, and also a slip )
  • Kind and Kind of pool dealing
  • Waterline boundary vinyl
  • Pool interior finish (colors and textures)
  • Pool light
  • Water form (chlorine, salt, or “new”)

Customizing Your Pool Environment

Besides the pool layout, your builder will speak with you about making space for color, relaxing, drama, along with refreshments. And that could include optional features like:

  • Spa
  • Waterfall
  • Wall Spouts
  • Deck
  • Fireplace, Firepit, or Fireplace Table
  • Poolhouse along with alternative color structure

Your landscape architect can allow you to select from a number of alternatives available to make a whole pool environment that incorporates multiple actions or use places. That leads us to three inground pool jobs that show the advantage of working with a landscape architect at the very start of the procedure.


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Here are 3 magnificent pool environments that combine beautifully with the total landscape design.

Theory #1: Inground Pool Designed to get a Steeply Sloped Garden

The layout for this particular inground swimming pool surround needed that the Potomac Maryland homeowners to face a challenging website. The lawn dropped down in the home on a very long steep incline. How to proceed?

Originally, the homeowners were not certain whether, to begin with phoning out a landscape architect or a swimming pool contractor. The couple pool builders they interviewed were not able to supply you with a remedy to this technical obstacle. They knew that they had a design specialist who might organize the whole project using a landscape design program that easily integrated the pool layout.

The landscape architect positioned exactly the pool a fantastic distance from your home. He utilized terracing, retaining walls, and raised beds to frame a stunning view of the pool on the upper patio, enhanced with an electric patio heater, and a nice stroll to the pool place.

Richly textured placing beds cozy up against non-retaining walls onto the backside of the pool

Two retaining walls split out the place with this particular pool. A top wall on the top slope holds the mountain and creates the ideal background to encourage 2 normal looking waterfalls–among these using a spa over. A low retaining wall around the downslope side affirms the pool and produces an outstanding visual statement when seen downhill.

This inground pool setup demanded a great deal of planning and thought. However, the practice of solving the website challenge sparked the imagination. The swimming pool would be the backbone for a multipurpose outside environment that comes with a spa, manicured terrace, palaces, and raised planting beds. Absolutely they produce a one-of-kind ambiance with the backyard pool atmosphere.

Theory #2: Fireplace Design Pool to Blend a Beautiful Space

All these Herndon Virginia homeowners made a substantial investment in landscape layout. Their garden landscaping comprised a spa plus flagstone terrace anchored with a 22-foot extended curved retaining wall using built-in rock seat chairs and a stunning stone fireplace. They wanted to bring a swimming pool into the mixture without disturbing the present landscape.

Their landscape architect needed to operate in strict space constraints, keep compositional equilibrium, and prevent crowding different features from the lawn. He invented a lagoon-style pool whose fluid perimeter outlines readily fit inside the limits of the present space. In addition, he added a wonderful touch by putting an infinity border spill wall in the conclusion of the pool closest to the fireplace seating area. From in the pool, this generates an optical illusion which makes the fireplace region seem to be underwater level. On the terrace facet, a waterfall effect is made as water sheets above a sparkling glass tiled spillway. You are able to observe exactly the exact identical effect mirrored in the top end of this pool (photograph above) at which the spa slides into the pool).

Theory #3: Ultra-Modern Pool Design to get a Conventional Style Home

Modernism and Traditionalism are only steps apart from each other in the Vienna, Virginia home. The main house, constructed by a nationwide homebuilder, is a conventional fashion audience pleaser. However, the homeowners’ design tendency goes the opposite way. They desired to observe that a fresh, crisp modern style applied for their own pool atmosphere. The builder had to get away to allow these two-dimensional layout styles to coexist in precisely exactly the exact identical yard.

The builder’s carefully calibrated motion from the main house into the pool home constructs a connection between the 2 structures instead of forcing an abrupt reversal of architectural fashions. Artfully made terraces commence a transition out of the rear door of the home, descend through flats flanked by Fair gardens into the pool — coming finally at the entry to the pool home.

Even the poolhouse anchors the spectacle also brings the play to the understated elegance of this pool surroundings with its towering roofline overhanging doors that are tall.

The spare traces of this swimming pool, spa pool deck, fire dining desk pool home all talk to minimalism. Along with also the swimming pool landscaping follows thematically with finely recognized, weathered, and geometric lines.