What Specifically is Visual Design?

Are you wondering about what exactly is visual design? Would you like to become a visual designer but has no clue in it anyway? As the name suggests, virtual design is a process of improving the user interface or user experience of any given website or mobile application. This is by utilizing visual effects and elements similar to:

  • Colors
  • Photography
  • Illustrations
  • Typography
  • White spaces
  • Layouts

Of course, there are several other aspects included but those are the most commonly used. In contrast to the design of the User Interface, it is focused heavily on visual effects of the mobile app or web design and is aiming to engage end-users.

UI Design are Powerful

Whether you believe it or not, people are capable of processing 80 percent of the information they see-through sight. Whether an application or website is capable of appealing to more customers and boost sales effectively is greatly impacted as well by its visual design. Not to mention, to how link building services were done to increase its traffic. Everything has to work in harmony for continuous success.

As a matter of fact, this is the exact reason why there is a growing number of both organizations and companies that opt to enlist the services of specialized visual designer in further improving their app and/or web products.

The Demand for Visual Designers

Simply speaking, visual design is among the promising and fulfilling jobs for any new graduates can have. What’s more, average salary of a visual designer can reach north of 63,000 dollars annually. This only means that a visual designer’s job is just among the highest-paid positions worldwide.

UI designers are working closely with interaction, overall design consistency, functionality as well as the virtual design of the web or app. On the other hand, visual designers typically focus on visual presentation of the app or web design. In this regard, visual design may be deemed as just part of the entire UI design.

If someday you want to have a career in this field, it is essential to have even the basic visual design skills like the ability to utilize basic visual design elements skillfully, learning and mastering basic visual design principles and learning and mastering fundamental design tools.