Demonic Sculptures Destroyed in Saudi Arabia

Demonic Sculpture

Many figurines representing “demonic” critters were ruined over the course of a festival held earlier this week in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The figurines were specially set up for your festival, although the entire event — as well as some other characteristics of the festival — have sparked controversy on the internet.

Since October 15, societal networking consumers in Saudi Arabia happen to be sharing a run of odd videos revealing giant statues of colossal animals with their heads burned.

These figurines were specially set up for its Riyadh Season Festival, which will be among 11 distinct festivals that make up Saudi Seasons. Riyadh Season, which kicked off on October 11, is supposed to celebrate “amusement and civilization” and is chiefly aimed at overseas tourists (and expats who moved into Saudi Arabia with the help fromشركة-نقل-عفش-بجدة/). Lots of international artists have been invited to take part.

As stated by the individual who filmed this movie, the giant animals were destroyed at the center of a principal road in the middle of the Saudi funding, in which they’d formerly been on screen.

Both sculptures and festival lashed in controversy

The movies revealing the devastation of these statues sparked a great deal of controversy and conversation on the internet.

One individual echoed a popular opinion when he decried the “wasting of the sources of the realm to get frivolous festivals which exude debauchery”. Other social networking consumers, but praised the devastation of “idols” [a phrase used to refer to sculptures representing deities worshipped by pre-Islamic folks in Saudi Arabia].


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Other folks criticized that the festival planner, Turki Al-Sheikh, asserting that he made the festival for overseas tourists and failed the passions of Saudis. Al-Sheikh is the present chairman of the General Authority for Entertainment and was also promoted to the role of advisor in the Royal Court in 2017. Much like Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Al-Sheikh would like to shake old stereotypes of this Kingdom and encourage a more liberal picture.

But, quite a couple of web users criticized that the festival’s mixed-gender audience and stated festival organizers were putting”foreign clinics across the Saudi, Muslim civilization” by, as an instance, organizing concerts alongside mosques. Most Saudis are leery of the sudden move to startup society, particularly as they’re utilized to a government which has policed the smallest aspects of the private and public lives of its own citizens.

A closely controlled festival

Even the organizers of Saudi Seasons really have a rigorous charter regulating the festival along with its participants. It features bans on particular behaviors and corresponding penalties for infractions. By way of instance, the good for “sexualized behavior” could transcend 6,000 Islamic riyals [roughly 1,400 euros]. The festival also used so-called “representatives of very superior taste” who meditate once they decide an improper behavior. One young girl was detained for its “ethical infraction” of dance whilst wearing a niqab.