Leveraging Roblox in Learning Game Design

Roblox could be a game that is entirely sold on the power for players to unleash and share their creativity, and to experience what other players should make in addition.

Kid playing Roblox on PC

The tools Roblox gives its players are incredibly simplified and straightforward to find out, even for an absolute beginner. It’s unlikely that somebody can learn a sophisticated programing language through creating games with Roblox. However, this game is wonderful thanks to getting an introduction to the fundamentals of game design.

Roblox and therefore the simple way it gets players to find out design skills

The design could be a skill, and like all skills, it can be learned, trained, studied, and improved through experience.

This may appear sort of a chump change, except for many creators, the complexities of programming languages, model design, and animation, are an excessive amount to tackle.

Roblox gives players, who love Roblox codes, the tools to possess these features while not having to be told multiple distinct and advanced skills themselves. Rather than needing skills to be told more skills, Roblox lets creators skip on to design.


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Design is where creators can experiment with game mechanics, level design, and just deciding what’s fun.

How Roblox encourages good design

If players buy something during a game, the creator gets that money, and might even have it exchanged for globe money also.

While this isn’t something done explicitly to encourage creators to induce better at creating, this easy reward structure is enough that good designs are rewarded, while poorer designs are ignored.

This can also function as a basic, albeit imprecise, metric, for judging what makes a selected design good or not. Creators who notice a major change in their income following a change in their design can use that as feedback to work out what works and what doesn’t.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of other variables involved in changing how frequently players spend their in-game currency. It goes beyond what one creator can control, so this should not be completely relied upon.

Nevertheless, anyone wanting to get their first taste of game design should absolutely take a glance at the Roblox Studio creator and see what they will come up with.