Sculptures For Your Garden

An individual sculpture or figure made of stone and other materials is a personally commissioned work of art. Such commissioned work can be supplied by specialized sculptors, stonemasons, and artists based on various templates. We are often asked by our customers whether individual work for garden decoration or other areas is possible, which templates are required and what such a thing costs. You can enjoy the view of the sculptures while you are relaxing and playing console games. So here are a few thoughts on this important topic.


Which motifs are often used for specially made sculptures?
Let us begin our deliberations with the fundamental question: Why are individual stone carvings, sculptures, and works of art created in the first place? The whole range of this topic is already evident here. Such works are not only interesting for garden decoration. In both private and public spaces, commissioned or specially designed works of art are used to convey individuality and very special messages. Here are some examples:

  • Stone portraits as a lasting memory.
  • Impressions and copies of popular sculptures made of cast stone, bronze, or natural stone for garden decoration or for public spaces.
  • Company logos or family crests made of stone, bronze, or other materials for the reception area, the company premises, or the driveway.

The templates that we receive from our customers are just as varied as the possible uses and inquiries. Depending on the situation and the order, these can be photos, sketches, or ideas that we discuss with our customers in person or over the phone. Some send us pictures of a certain place, for example, their favorite place in the garden, and ask for design suggestions for suitable, individual sculptures, Figures, or one Fountain. Or we receive entire originals and we have to make an impression or a copy.


What materials are used in the production?
As different as the initial situation can be, the solution is also different when it comes to creating absolutely unique works of art and individual sculptures. Advice and coordination are necessary here in order to find the right solution. We typically check:

  • What does the template provide? Can we make an impression or does the sculpture need to be modeled?
  • Is the feat or the figure intended for indoors or outdoors? The garden and terrace place different demands on the material than a well-protected winter garden or an entrance hall.
  • What requirements does the customer have in terms of look and feel? Which colors and surfaces are desired and in which surroundings is the sculpture embedded?

Only then can we estimate which materials are suitable. Individual sculptures made of cast stone are well suited for outdoor use and can be easily created if it is an impression of a template. Figures made of natural stone are often more complex to manufacture, but the natural material exerts a great fascination on us. Bronze is a particularly noble material that is also well suited for outdoor use. But individual figures can also be formed from unusual materials such as wood, cast plastic (polyresin), or plaster. Our tip: Some sculptors, stonemasons, and artists specialize in the production of commissioned work. The costs are very variable and depend on the material, quantity, and manufacturing method. If you don’t want to go out on your own to compare prices and providers, you should take advice from your specialist dealer right away. They know different manufacturers and can help you find the right offer for individual sculptures, figures, or other works.