Technology Is Revolutionizing Contemporary Art | YouTube

Art has revolutionized with technology and thus contemporary art was born. Even the way we market art has evolved with technology. From street selling, to galleries and auctions, to online and video marketing. Today, websites and video marketing had been the trend for many artworks. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are among the most popular sites to feature your work. On YouTube, you can use live-streaming and convert Youtube video to mp4 or mp3 for presentation purposes.

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Technology and interaction in art

Different artists use new technologies in their artworks. The changing role of technology is also central to Studio Drift’s work. But this artist duo does not pass judgment on it, but is inclined to show how people, nature and technology can exchange qualities. Such as Studio Drift with Franchise Freedom , in which flying drones form a sculpture like a group of birds in the dark sky.

The influence of digital technology has changed the way of human expression such as painting, sculpture, music and poetry. First, it implements new tools that are very useful to artists, and can enhance the creative process, and develop towards an innovative and untapped path.

Because creativity is unstoppable, new forms such as network art, digital installation art, and virtual reality have rapidly emerged and are recognized as artistic practice.

In addition, modern entertainment and advertising creative industries will make extensive use of digital technology, especially in the field of visual effects, to pollute commercial purposes with advanced technology to achieve “artistic” effects and make them more attractive to their specific audience.

In a sense, “digital art” is a term used in contemporary art that makes use of digital technologies. Digital arts also use digital media to share artworks to the community.

Digital technology is a tool and new opportunity to create artistic expression. Technology and art will follow the hive of human imagination.