You Can Market Yourself as a visual Artist in 3 simple steps

Sales of galleries are plummeting. This has been known for a while, but it has recently become clear from the figures in the culture ranking. The contrast between online sales is increasing. If you’re not engaged in online marketing yet, it’s probably time you changed that!

3 Steps to Get Yourself Recognized as a Visual Artist

Step 1: Determine your goals
You see it sometimes: people who haphazardly post things and fly in all directions. One of the most important things you can do to bring your online presence to the next level is to align what you’re showing. The following are the questions for the purpose of setting your goal:

Fist Question: What do you want to do as an artist is selling or paying attention to galleries?

2nd Question: Who are you trying to reach? A business customer has different wishes and needs than a private customer who wants to purchase art. Good online marketing ties to that.

3rd Question: What are your targets in terms of online marketing?


  • More brand awareness?
  • Make a name for yourself as a figure?
  • Expand your network?
  • Regularly interact with your business customers?
  • Generate revenue?

Step 2: Content, content and more content
Once you’ve figured out what you want to achieve, you can start thinking about how best to set up your online presence. Have a good content strategy.

  • Start blogging
  • Create Newsletter
  • Have your Personal bio
  • Create your Social Media
  • Your site


Step 3: Be out there
Online marketing, social media and a good content strategy are extremely important, but there is more. You can do this at network meetings, but of course you can also go to other places where your customer comes (fairs, openings, etc.)

And remember, networking is not about handing out business cards or quick sales. Networking is about building relationships and helping people where you can. Someone who can network well can above all listen very well and ask questions. Ultimately, selling your work is  largely about the relationships you have. People are more likely to do business with people they know and can trust! And that applies just as much to art as to other products.

Do you still need a gallery as a visual artist? A difficult question of course. Galleries are not doing very well, that should be clear. On the other hand, you sometimes reach a group of art buyers who are difficult to reach via the online channels. But finding a good gallery that can really do something for you is difficult. If you have made a name for yourself, it will be a bit easier and of course you can use online marketing very well. And organize yourself. You can  put yourself on the map with  exhibitions and also by talking to the best seo malaysia  they will help you Increase your Revenue By Outranking Your Competitors.