Toronto Bridge Came Near to Having Bronze Statues of Raccoons as Visual Design

In March 2020, Toronto pedestrians regularly using the Jameson Avenue Bridge welcomed the news about city plans of adorning the footbridge with art designs. Many of the city’s raccoon lovers had hoped the life-sized bronze raccoon statue submitted by Toronto artist Jerry Rugg a.k.a birdO, will be chosen. Although the trash panda statue was one of three top choices, StreetARToronto (StART) decided on Brian Leitch’s a.k.a. Kwest, “Pulse: The Connection.” sculpture

The StART committees voted on Kwest’s sculpture for the “Art Over Bridge” campaign, as it depicted energy flowing between Parksdale and the Toronto waterfront. As opposed to the raccoon visual art that seems to pay homage to the trouble making creatures and be mistaken as an additional mascot of the city.

Raccoons in Toronto

Raccoons in Toronto have become part of every resident’s life as the animals seem to have adapted well to life in the city. The animals are quite active at night, scavenging for food in trash bins, but helpful in a way because they also feed on insects and small rodents. However, Torontoans are advised not to handle raccoon removal themselves as the animals are inclined to be vicious when they feel threatened, particularly when cornered. Generally, the raccoons in Toronto have been observed to be quite tame and not fearful of humans. Some just run away when confronted.

Still, residents of the city are advised not to make their homes livable for the animals. Even if they look adorable with their bandit-like appearance, they spell trouble; firstly because they have increased potentials as disease carriers. Toronto residents are given instructions to call 311 when needing assistance for animal problems, especially if raccoons have invaded their attics or have been acting abnormally.

Toronto residents are advised not to make their homes livable for raccoons by not leaving their trash bins open. Some even hang or place ammonia soaked rags in areas where raccoons are known to enter. Others, play loud music during the day and/or keep areas brightly lit to keep raccoons from entering their homes through the chimney.

Raccoons as Troublemakers in Southwestern Regions of American

The population of raccoons actually originated in the southwestern regions of America; but because of their ability to easily adapt in any environment, raccoons were able to spread throughout the country, including in Alaska.

In Texas, raccoons seem to be fighting for space as many have been taking up residence in attics or vacant buildings. The trouble with the raccoons in Texas is that they have learned to chew on insulations, electrical wirings and plumbings, while leaving not only a mess but also heapful of wastes behind. .

In San Antonio, Texas, technicians of the AAAC Wildlife Removal of San Antonio have had all sorts of experience when it comes to raccoon removal. However, since there are Texas animal protection laws, wildlife removal companies like AAAC Wildlife must be licensed and duly certified by the state. Moreover, they are to deploy technicians who have been properly trained in using certified trapping services, not only to ensure animal protection but for their own safety as well.