Why You Should Watch Series Particularly ‘The Royals’

Do you already miss the royal glitz and glam that followed the Royal Wedding? Have you overdosed on Netflix’s The Crown? Do you need to go away from The Princess Diaries for a while? Or are you simply looking for a new show to binge? Please allow me to introduce you to The Royals!

So, without further ado, here are seven reasons to see The Royals in its entirety:

1.The Aesthetic is the first thing that comes to mind.

The graphics in this presentation are incredible. Whether it’s the sumptuous Blenheim house where the series is filmed, the stunning Alexander McQueen outfits worn by the ladies, or the lavish set design, this series looks stunning.

2. Oh, My! Intrigue, Scandal, Tension, and Mystery!

The Royals is addicting to watch due to royal blackmail, conspiracies, a murder mystery, and a slew of scandals. Get ready for the royals season 5 Sure, some of the plots need some suspension of disbelief, but it’s well worth it to suspend disbelief for a few minutes in order to enjoy seeing someone attempt to steal an expensive diamond while speeding around the palace in bumper cars.

3. Personal Development

We’ve all seen those TV series where the characters are amusing but never change. However, they are dynamic personalities with more layers than a Matryoshka doll. Let’s take Eleanor as an example. Eleanor is the third in line to the throne, Liam’s twin, a thorn in her mother’s side, and a complete outsider. She begins as a party girl with a disrespect for the rules and a proclivity for making tabloid controversies, but she matures through love, sorrow, blackmail, and sobriety.

4. The Most Important Aspect – It’s a Good Time

True, each episode has its share of heartfelt moments, but the series as a whole is incredibly hilarious. I’d be surprised if you didn’t laugh out loud at least once in those forty minutes, whether it’s Cyrus’ failed efforts at gaining the crown, Eleanor’s self-deprecating humour, or bodyguard/thief Jasper attempting to imitate a British accent to deceive the royals.