Affiliate Marketing Options Available in the Website Design Niche

If you’re an artist looking to find other ways to augment your income, you should know that there are art websites that pay commissions to affiliate marketers. Not many artists know that there are affiliate marketing programs that run outside of conventional affiliate networks, offering different marketing deals through their own website. Many web design services follow this marketing approach of managing their own pool of marketers.

Actually, you don’t have to be an artist to qualify for such affiliate marketing programs. Yet having at least a passion for writing content that would drive traffic to the art website will enable you to earn commissions from purchases of readers who used your referral link.

Options Available when Promoting Design Companies

Some design companies prefer to join affiliate networks that will run and manage affiliate marketing programs in their behalf. StudioPress for one, a WordPress theme provider and part of the CopyBlogger media that works alongside ShareASale affiliate network To become an affiliate marketer of StudioPress, you have to apply for a ShareaSale affiliate marketer account. Once approved, you will get a referral link that will enable you to receive commissions from every sale of StudioPress’ WP website theme that used your Referral Link.

Other web design companies like DesignModo, Ink Themes and InkyDeals, run their own affiliate programs. More often than not, they offer a broad range of products such as User Interface (UI) packs that include UI kits for ecommerce websites, mobile devices and for data visualizations like charts, diagrams and other useful resources. Some other website designers also offer Photoshop actions, vector graphics, photo editing using Lightroom presets, in addition to website theme templates and UI packs.

When looking to join affiliate marketing programs run by art or design companies themselves, you apply for an affiliate marketing account directly with them through their website. Once your application is approved, you will receive not only a referral link but also codes that will allow you to display their banner or widget that carries your referral link.

This denotes that it would be best to have a website where you can promote and discuss the different web design elements of the company to which you are affiliated. Now if you don’t have website, another way of promoting the design elements and products is to post the clickable banner that carries your referral link, in your social media accounts.

The commissions you earn depend on the deals offered by the affiliate program, which may include receiving remunerations just by driving high levels of traffic to the art or design company’s website

Now if you’re new to the field of marketing and promoting design and art products other than your own, know the best practices and tricks of the trade from expert affiliate marketers. After all, the digital realm is now the channel consumers use to purchase, obtain and/or acquire all products and services they need. Helping newbie marketers find their footing to become successful promoters, will strengthen the affiliate marketing industry

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