Some History on the Art of Glass Pipes

Glass as we know it has been around for thousands and centuries. There is so many things that we do in our day. For example, turning on your television to obtain the daily news while and waking in the morning going into the kitchen, turning on the light, making yourself a cup of java concurrently checking your phone if you missed anything over night to see. If glass had never been invented this scenario would alter.

Frankly, you just waking up, or existing may not have been possible without glass. Consider a time before end windows , debris, germs and components that are unhealthy would flow through homes raising people’s chances of becoming sick. In addition to that, people did not necessarily understand these pathogens were until microscopes were invented that, you got it, exist due to glass.

History of Glass

Alright enough about hypothetical situations glass is important. However, how did it get like that? Accident created glass exactly the exact same way! Lightening strikes Even though there’s some glass that’s formed like glass that is formed by volcanic eruptions, and meteorite impact that contributes to certain stones melting at high temperatures, then cooling fast . A vast majority of the glass we find now is manmade.

Both cultures that contributed for its discovery of glass where the Phoenician sailors who found it by accident, when utilizing hot cooking fires on the Egypt and Mesopotamians and the beach who discovered when generating glazes that are distinct for their pottery.

By the second century AD, their procedure had been perfected, and it began to spread across the Middle East. As it became more popular, glass bottles, jugs, beads and amulets became a substantial trade item. Once they started producing glass windows the Greeks realized how rewarding the recipe for this material that was wonderful was had been strictly forbidden from sharing their techniques with any civilization.

Innovation and Mass Production

Despite their secrecy the demand for the product grew along with other civilizations started creating their own. This created conclusion through Europe and the Middle East which contributed to more progress in glass products and they discovered more uses for the substance like cups, goblets, wine bottles and glass vessels. They are also widely available online – You can check for different sites selling glass pipes online.

This introduced the glass keys all around the world and allowed people to discover more and more applications for this material like mirrors, microscopes, and bi-focals, and later in theye 20th-century bulbs. Now glass is a frequent household item and no more the commodity that it was. The process of producing glass fabricated and is used at a rate, like light bulbs, dishes, cars, beer bottles, and much more.

When Glass Pipes Were Launched

When the glass studio motion started it wasn’t until the 1960’s; artists had the chance but to transform this gorgeous material into works of art.

Around this time, it had been discovered that molding glass utilized marijuana/tobacco that was less then and to the kind of a pipe gave a purer smoke joints or rolled cigarettes. Among the main contributors to this movement that is pipe-making was Bob Snodgrass. Snodgrass used his glass blowing skills while following the Grateful Dead, to make pieces. Once his apprentice and him found Oregon and massed made his products that were unique.

While he was producing a dragon pipehe had been putting dots round the piece. A piece of the silver came to the stage in the fire, and on accident, fumed across the face of the dragon face. He had been disgruntled not to finish the piece but chose instead to sell a friend of his the pipe although annoyed with his. He got an excited call from his friend stating telling him that to her amazement the pipe that was yellow had turned blue. Prior to that happy accident the colour facet of these bits we all know and love now. As a result, today, Silver Fuming’s birth was born and now plays a main role in glass pipe creation.


Nowadays, the art of producing beautiful and one of a kind glass pipes and water pipes as turned into a business that is famous for innovation and its attractiveness.

Everyday flexible and new pipes distributed and are being made around the world. As feature is held by each piece we pride ourselves. Out of your fundamental spoon to your pieces that are eloquently created you we carry a number of glass At every one of our stores and barely tell it’s a pipe in any way.