Amsterdam Expectations

The first thing when they reach Amsterdam most tourists do is start looking around to see whether all the dodgy stuff can be found by them. Let’s begin with that.

Amsterdam is renowned for its cannabis cafes precisely what they sound like. You can buy cbd vape oil to marijuana clothing, anything with marijuana. The authorities turn a blind eye to the practice as a lot of men and women think, while this isn’t completely legal. You will probably find that most places have two or one small cafes, but you may need to ask around. Double check first before doing it!

The districts’ most famous is De Wallen. Prostitution is legal , in a strange network of back alleys with apartments that are glass-doored, and is clean and surprisingly reasonably priced. Walking down the road is totally surreal considering the canal right .

Let us turn to some civilization. Those canals are simply amazing, and the city is criss-crossed by them, much as they do in Venice. One of the most enjoyable things to do in Amsterdam would be to just sit at a coffee shop by the canal (cannabis or not, your choice) and see the world go by.

Amsterdam boasts a choice of museums. There is the Rijksmuseum, the traditional national museum of the Netherlands, and Stedelijk modern art museum – they are conveniently located directly next to each other, on Museumplein (‘Museum Square’). Museumplein is home.

A little further out there’s the Rembrandt House Museum, a Rembrandt gallery at the home. In the same way, Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam was turned into a museum, complete with the secret area in which she hid from the Nazis, preserved just as it was when she was living.