Visual Design Is Important: Smart Shopper USA

On the surface, you can define that good design is about how something looks good. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that exceptional visual design in smartshopperusa is so much more than just a nice logo.

Smart Shopper USA: Design attracts attention

The main reason you should start taking your design seriously is that it’s the best way to stand out from the crowd.

You live in a world in which the average person receives over 500 advertising messages every day. That’s a lot, and that’s where you have to stand out.

People primarily experience their environment visually. You rely on your sense of sight the most when you interact with your environment. In fact, 90% of all sensory information the brain receives comes from your eyes. 80% of your memories is determined by what you see.

Smart Shopper USA: Design communicates ideas

The purpose of great design is to immediately address the part of the human brain that is responsible for visual processing and that way communicates as much as possible at a glance.

The first impression a potential customer makes is not based on the first time they actually use your product, but rather on the moment they first see it. Within 50 milliseconds, the potential buyers subconsciously form an opinion about your product, your company and your brand, which is based entirely on the appearance.

Smart Shopper USA: Design makes you unforgettable

Did you know that visual elements are the basis for most of your memory?

The result of one study shows that pictures can improve learning by up to 400%, another study found that after three days people can only retain up to 10-20% of the information written or spoken. However, you can retain up to 65% of this information if you include it with good graphics.

Your brain is simply designed to hold visual information better than anything else.

Smart Shopper USA: Design increases conversions

The design has established itself as a fundamental part of any good marketing strategy.

Around 65% of senior marketing executives believe that visual content is essential for communicating and promoting brand history.

Remember that design and graphics speak to you on an instinctive level. By incorporating the most fundamental elements of design into your marketing strategy yourself, you can dramatically improve your conversions.